Kansai in Medium Format


Travelling can be a daunting undertaking, especially when travelling non-English speaking countries. 

While in Japan, I decided to challenge myself by only bringing one camera and lens to shoot all my personal and commissioned work. The camera I brought was a Hasselblad 500cm with an Zeiss 80mm prime. For those unfamiliar with the hasselblad, it’s a medium format film camera (hence the title) with no light meter auto rewind or any sought of technology that requires a battery. To challenge myself even more, I left my light meter (a magical contraption that tells you what settings to use on your camera) at home so all exposures were guesstimates by yours truely. 

Below is a collection of unedited frames that did not make the cut for my print group. Note the x-ray damage, underexposure (intentional on some), rushed composition and poor sharpness that are present in most frames.

Finding your home - a personal journey


    1. relating to the place where one lives, or a place where a person feels they belong

 Home is somewhere you feel like you truely belong. The past years journeys of self discovery has provoked a lot of thought into where I belong. Sydney? Melbourne? New Zealand? If you asked me right now, I still wouldn’t be able to give you a decisive answer. 

For a boy from the western suburbs of Sydney, a respectable job and ownership of a house is ultimate dream. We are taught from a young age how important it is to buy a home. Owning a home, although hard, is not impossible at my age; if you spend conservatively and save consistently, you will have enough for a deposit house/20 year burden.
So you buy a house, probably further out west than your parents currently live, you continue working you so-so job and you get hella high/pissed on the weekend for the next 5 years all while you continue paying off your home. During this whole time you’ve probably never even thought about whether your hometown is truely the place you want to settle down for the rest of your life; even if you do, you’ve already got too much long term commitments to go about your soul searching.

The common conception is that a respectable job and property ownership is what defines an individuals wealth. Although both are wholly true, the the community in which you acquire desirable no.1 & 2 is of utmost importance in my opinion. You can never reach your true potential in life without feeling truely at home.
How do you know you truely belong to a society if your current community is the only community you’ve lived in? 
I do not plan on growing old only knowing what life was like in one corner of the world. I refuse to be sitting in a RSL 50 years from now on bingo night explaining to the youngsters about how the local shops looked so different in my time... That's so sad and totally not me lol

 I hope I can answer all of my unanswered questions and share my journey with you in the coming weeks/months/years.

You can follow my pursuit of home through my photo journal