Hey Irving,

Below you will find various photos from various points in my career (from 2012-2015)

I've included a few shots from Sally Obermeder's book Super Green Smoothies that I shot below

fun fact/humblebrag:
Our book was the 3rd best selling book of 2015, and one of the stand out feedbacks given by readers were that they like the book because of the strong visual structuring

A little bit more info about my photographic background, I've been shooting events of all soughts since I was 15, I've worked with countless High Schools on year 12 graduation and formals, including Tara Anglican School and Riverside High School

Unfortunately there is a lot of my work that I do not have ownership of, including work at the Australian Brewery and the Epping Club. I have attached below a gig I did for Me Entertainment at the Sapphire Lounge (now Carlisle Bar) from when The Game came to Australia.

I also shot like a million house parties



A here's a smathering of other images that my aid for cause for employment
If you need more convincing you should get me in to do a test shoot. 

Muchas Gracias Irving