Andy Miao  20 year old
Sydney based
photographer, digital artist
social media manager

Hi, I'm Andy.

I take a decent photo (duh)
 I make my clients social media pages glow
and in my downtime, I co-run VA Journal
an artist run not-for-profit initiative
that supports the Centre for Eye Research Australia
through the creation and sale of hectic artwork

What to expect when hiring me:

hard work                0% complaining            unique content
someone who will buy you KFC when you are feeling down
someone who will work well with others in any environment
someone who can speak multiple languages,他妈的 bonjour

What makes me eligible for your opening?

To answer this question, I would have to illustrate the beginnings of my adventure.
When I was 14, I worked at McDonalds
Because I wanted to buy a camera, I would work 5:30am shifts before school to get more $$$
When I was 15, I took skateboarding photos
Because I wanted to make it onto SLAM Magazine, I broke into places to get the best photo
My photos were published 3 times in SLAM
When I was 16, I was a party photographer
Because I wanted to be recognised, I would work 2 parties a night 5pm-5am
My photos made it onto the news but for the wrong reasons (lol)
They would eventually lead me to being offered a job at a nightclub as soon as I turned 18
When I was 17, I hired by Tara Anglican School for Girls
When I showed up with my camera, they asked me if my dad was parking the car
They were pretty impressed and recommended me to other schools
When I was 18, I took photos of musicians
Because I wanted to work with a major label, I would go to every label and offer to work for free
Eventually I worked with Rodney Jerkins, The Game, Samantha Jade and Tim Omaji
O& after slaving away for free, I managed to get paid too
When I was 19, I worked at Swiish.com with Sally Obermeder
Because I didn't want our blog to be another cliché hipster blog
I would take over the role of graphics, retoucher, photographer
and have a role in every step of the creative process
our book was the no.1 bestselling book on iTunes
When I was 20, .... tba
I only just turned 20 and spent a while travelling
so not my to talk about yet
apart from the fact that I'll be shooting NYFW soon

When I set my mind on something, I make sure I make a success out of it.

If you were upset that I did not conform to the traditional template of a resumé
then I apologise for wasting your time, please take one more minute to read my apology

you can download my actual resumé here