My purge begins.

I've always been a highly irrational, highly emotional person. I used to think that my lack of emotional control was one of my weaknesses. And it's only after getting super depressed after a messy breakup with this trashy white girl, that I realised how vital my emotional spontaneity was in relation to my art.
My emotions dictate what kind of artworks I make. My work can be highly reflective of my current mood.

Goodbye digital.
Just like every other Joe strutting to work everyday for their boring 9-5, you lack emotion. You lack expression. You lack Andy.
Goodbye photoshop.
Enough faking. Let's make it real. If you have no waist, then go run a few laps, you fat lard.
Goodbye fashion.
People get so fucking sick of you that we have to change you every 6 months. 

A film shooting, nature loving, timeless looking photographer. Does that make me a hipster?

More to come in the coming weeks. Stay tuned